Aero Affiliate Network

The Internet alongside with social media and other online applications is rapidly changing the travel market landscape. Traditional travel companies need to change in order to survive. They must thrive and adapt with the current technology and trends and at the same time try to keep this transformation fast, easy, cost-friendly and less-painful to their company.

Aero Affiliate Network (AAN) enables anyone, individuals or companies, to instantly start their own online travel business. AAN is a global distribution system for travel products and services with host-to-host capabilities that help companies (small, medium, large) to do online travel business.

Modern and advanced technology company such as portals, online shopping websites, or even blog owners who are looking forward to get into online travel business are also welcomed to use our AAN as their solution.

AAN provides easy, fast and free solutions for your company to connect into online travel business and generate revenue from your users/visitors.

AAN taps into systems of airlines, hotels, trains, etc diverse as they are, and manages them into one single system resulting in a user friendly interface that is not only easy on the eyes but also simplifies integration of future partners. With an industry standard API (Application Programming Interface) in JSON/XML and PHP serialized  formats, partners only need to integrate AAN to their websites or apps.

Currently AAN is covering following products & services:

    • Domestic Flights (Indonesia)
    • International Flights
    • Trains (KAI)

    • Domestic & International Hotel Network

    • Tour Packages

    • Travel Insurance
    • Bus Tickets
    • Shuttle Car Tickets
    • Payment Point (PLN, PDAM, Internet, Cellulars, etc)
    • Domestic Car/Motorbike Rentals
    • More to come

If you are interested in AAN you can find out more and register as our Affiliates by visiting